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Based in Clayton and serving the eggless and vegan cakes nearby, we are one of the best cake shops in Melbourne for all occasions.

At Isher Eggless Bakers, we take pride in serving our customers with the best. All our products are a grand mix of supreme ingredients, made from the finest sources, baked to perfection and served with passion as well as perfection. Apart from providing you the best birthday cakes in Melbourne, we specialize in Indian style cakes, biscuits and cookies for our vegan customers along with all sorts of customized bake fancies.

There’s so much variety inside our cake shop in Melbourne. So, if you are around Dandenong, Clayton, Chadstone, Oakleigh, and Springvale, connect with us at (03) 9543 5470

We are here to make all your egg-free cakes fantasies come true!
Baking is an art and the delicacies of our kitchen will melt in your mouth!
No matter what the occasion is - a birthday, a wedding or a cake to celebrate your moments of sheer joy, we’d serve our customers with the best Vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Our Special Range:

Egg Free: Looking for a cake shop near me to order egg-free cakes in Melbourne? Our cakes are 100% egg-free and taste the best. Try Today!

Vegan Cakes: At Isher Bakers, buy with confidence. We are a vegan bakery offering you varied options for customizing your cake design for every occasion.

Allergy Free: We bake allergy-free cakes according to your requirement. You can customize your cake for nut-free on special demand.

So, whether it is baby shower cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake or everyday cake, we have got vegan cakes for all your special occasions.