VC 312 Disney Princess Theme Cake

  • VC 312 Disney Princess Theme Cake

VC 312 Disney Princess Theme Cake

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VC 312
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Is your princess's birthday coming in just a few days? Are you searching for some ideas to surprise her with the coolest birthday cake? Don't take a sweat & carry this beautiful cake along with you to make her birthday extra special!

This 3 layered Disney Princess Theme Cake is a perfect surprise to make your little one's birthday more glamorous. Toppings of creamy stars, red & yellow flowers, hearts, and dolls make this cake look more stylish & eye-catching. Indeed, this cake will bring a big smile to your little princess's face.

What's best? This delicious cake is available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavor. In addition, it can be filled with a white chocolate truffle or a dark chocolate ganache as per your daughter's taste. Being a three-layered cake, it can be baked in just one size (12"+10"+6").

To enjoy this relishing cake, buy it from Isher Eggless Bakers. We are one of the best cake shops in Melbourne, delivering excellent cakes in the egg-free and vegan category. We are always appreciated for baking our cakes with fresh ingredients and delivering them with love & passion!


Time Required 7 Days