VC 236 Everyday Cake

  • VC 236 Everyday Cake

VC 236 Everyday Cake

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VC 236
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This simple, clean and pure white colored cake will make your heart skip a beat with its simplicity. A yellow pearl like frosting on the bottom and cute pink flowers on the top make this cake charming, romantic and feminine. The serenity of this white base makes bubble pink flowers associated with green leaves outshines on the top. You can have this vegan cake for the woman in your life and make her feel special. This cake is the best way to let her know how she spreads her fragrance for just being there like these roses of the cake. This everyday cake has a proper tint of fluffiness, moist-tender crumb, and a good taste.

Isher Bakers believe why to compromise on taste if you are vegan or have any other limitations or want your food in a healthy proportion.  Here is this cake which will leave you amazed with its scrumptious taste and yet it is healthy in your way.



Time Required 2 Days