VC 234 Everyday Cake

  • VC 234 Everyday Cake

VC 234 Everyday Cake

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VC 234
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This eggless white cake with espresso essence filled with a white chocolate cream is the one you surely don't want to miss in your celebrations. Topping of yellow and red roses

brings the perfect blend to share it with your loved ones. The side of the cake is embellished with embroidery and different colored flowers and that can be customized as per your choice. This cake has different layers and can be customized with different flavors and colors. It is available in handy and big sizes as well range from 8”, 10” and 12” round.

This cake has a full spectrum of cake and it would be the best cake to treat the special day of your kids. The bright fluorescent colored flowers make their day all colorful and cheerful like this cake.



Time Required 2 Days