VC 230 Everyday Cake

  • VC 230 Everyday Cake

VC 230 Everyday Cake

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VC 230
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Our range of everyday cake is the perfect way to end your meal or highlight any small as well as big achievements. It is a good idea to keep an everyday cake on your mind to end your cravings for a vegan dessert!

This pretty looking everyday cake can fulfill all such need of yours. The beautiful flowers at the top of this cake can make your evening more bright like sunshine. Furthermore, whipped with white buttercream the combination of a white base, yellow flowers, and green leaves give it a more appealing look.

Are you concerned about having allergies with egg or dairy products? Don't worry; we have a solution for you.

You can buy this cake online at Isher Eggless Bakers in vegan, egg-free or nut-free category. The best part? Our cakes are super delicious and are one of the best cakes in Melbourne that you won't be able to stop licking your fingers!

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Time Required 2 Days