VC 239 Everyday Cake

  • VC 239 Everyday Cake

VC 239 Everyday Cake

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VC 239
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This cake is an edible form of a beautiful craft. The fresh cream frosting, tender base, and topping colors makes it visually interesting and gorgeous. You can treat your holidays with this super light and beautiful cake. It also has some awesome consideration for children parties as its fluorescent color will attract children. You can eat this cake any time as this is so light, fluffy, mouth-watering in taste and yet healthy.

The best bakers in the town, Isher bakers offers this cake in different flavors and in various dimensions. You can get the cake of your choice anytime from this baker shop in Melbourne. Being healthy is a fashion these days, and Isher bakers thinks no different and bake all the cakes accordingly. Vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, allergy-free and nut-free are the main attractions of the cakes made by Isher Eggless Bakers.

The light green flowers on the sides and at the top of this purple colored cake will make your event more colorful and flashy.


Time Required 2 Days